This is a collection of Success Stories of people who have or have had Lyme disease, or know someone close to them who has. Not all of these stories are complete remission or "cured" stories, but they are successes nonetheless!

Some real names are used with the permission of the authors, and others have chosen to use alias names in order to protect themselves. All stories posted here are with the permission of the original author and are kept in their original format.

If you prefer to express yourself in other forms, feel free to submit artwork or photography! Whatever your medium is, please share! I created the Lyme Expressions page particularly for that purpose!

Thank you all for sharing in your successes, big and small!
Danielle Handy:

"I feel that I am a success even though I am still on antibiotics. I was
undiagnosed for 6 years. very bad neuro symtpoms almost misdiagnosed with
MS. Started antibiotics/herbs/supplements 2 years & 7 months ago and I feel
90 % better. I mostly deal with migraines and fatigue and a few other minor
symptoms but I am very functional now where before I was not :)"

~August 4, 2011
Jody T.

"While I'm not recovered from Lyme Disease by any measure, I'm having quite a bit of success with the Byron White formulas. I was on abx for 14 years (more on than off including 2 years of IV zith) and I'm feeling much better now on the BW formulas which seems to be working as well as abx for the most part. While everyday isn't great I am having some days where I feel as well as I felt on antibiotics. The thought of being on abx for the rest of my life was a bit scary especially with the breast cancer connection to abx so I'm really happy to have an alternative that actually works.

Although I'm feeling better on Byron White, my health is a bit more tenuous while on the herbs. While on abx, I was able to stay on track longer. On Byron White, I can more easily relapse if I'm not careful, but I'll take BW herbs any day over abx."

~April 13, 2012

"We aren't at great success but my daughter is alive and hasn't made an attempt in over a year..When she became ill, I prayed to let her graduate..Then to find a job, a boyfriend...In Oct she will be getting married..So there is hope. I keep praying for a cure but I will be blessed to have some remission. Due to it also damaging her pancreas, we still have issues with high blood sugars. She is now a type I diabetic. And there are two good days and one or two bad days...But she is here and not in her nightly fetal position out of her mind and not suicidal or homicidal..Yes, we had that too...So just remember, there is HOPE..Will she ever have a decent job...I doubt it until a cure...But she struggled and passed an EMT class and now is trying to give back. She has helped a few people that were in danger...Again there is HOPE>"

~August 6, 2011
Lyme Survivor

I had lyme, from n. ca hiking age 26=28, antibiotics and got well after 2 yrs of debilitation, then it relapsed 2 yrs later, so severe,
after another 1.5 yrs of antibiotics w/ lyme md that time though I wasn't getting well, meds can harm you too-
finally switched to chinese meds, sleep got better and 8 mo later found dr naram, Ayurvedic medicine. I am now 99% symptom free,
and live well, for yrs, on his herbs only 4 yrs now!

~April 20, 2012
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Tina Garcia

"I just published my first book entitled Kaleidoscope of Hope. It is an inspirational guide for patients with any type of chronic illness. It contains my story so readers will understand the difficult road I have travelled with Lyme disease. The second part of the book contains twelve Kaleidoscope of Hope Concepts for self-discovery and awareness. I strongly believe the book will help patients take that first step out of the darkness of chronic illness and into the light of realizing who they truly are apart from disease and rediscover their true potential. The foreword is written by Dr. Robert Bransfield, President of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association.

See the Press Release with a link to the book preview.

~ March 27, 2012
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"About 4 years ago I had the classic symptoms of a new case of Lyme disease... bull's eye rash and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms were missed by my primary care doctor, and one year later I became severely ill and disabled. A new doctor tested me and confirmed I had Lyme. Many mainstream specialists had no idea how to treat my "chronic" Lyme disease - and I got sicker and sicker.
Now, 4 years later, after being treated by an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) I am 99% healthy again! I am back to my job, and only on a small maintenance dose of medications. My life had been taken from me, but now it is back. THERE IS HOPE - don't ever give up!"

To read full version: Don's Lyme Disease Success Story

~April 14, 2012
Kathy Kwasiborski

"When Life Gives You Lymes, Make Lyme-Aid"

To read full version: Kathy's Lyme Disease Success Story

~April 27, 2012
Marjorie MacArthur Veiga
Co-Author/Patient Consultant

I am a Lyme patient in remission for about 5 years after having been undiagnosed for 4 years and in treatment for about 2 years. Due to nerve damage, I was unable to walk during the time I was raising a baby and an active 4-year-old. I went to 8 doctors, none of whom ever suggested I should be tested for Lyme disease.

I now have returned to walking 3 miles, 5 days a week, and playing tennis. I am currently assisting other afflicted families cope practically and emotionally. Helping others is beneficial to one's healing.

Having great doctors, powerful medicines, therapeutic alternatives, spiritual beliefs, and a community of caring supporters is crucial to restoration. I learned so much in the valley--making friends, deepening my faith, and helping others along the way.

~May 04, 2012
Annalisa Walker

"My name is Annalisa. I am a 44 year old mother of three. I am a very, very happy person, who has always been optimistic about everything! I have walked around each and every day with a smile on my face. About 10 months ago, that smile quickly turned to the saddest frown one can imagine..."

To read full version: Annalisa's Lyme Disease Success Story

~September 23, 2012 (Rev. September 15, 2013)
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